In: Hotel IT Solutions

Here are three tech-driven hotel renovation solutions that can enhance your hotel: 

BBH Cast 

Stop guessing when it comes to in-room content! BBH Cast allows your guests to stream from thousands of apps, giving them access to the shows they’re currently “binge-watching.” They pair their phone to the TV in their room, and within seconds they can stream their favorite content without entering any login credentials on the TV. 

IoT Remote Monitoring 

Implementing remote monitoring IoT sensors into your technology strategy allows you to take preventative measures to minimize risk, protect assets, and reduce energy costs. Sensors include staff panic buttons (BBH Push and Protect), HVAC monitoring, water detection, temperature monitoring, waste bin monitoring, etc. These sensors connect wirelessly to the BBH gateway, passing data to cloud servers where you can access updates and alerts online. 

Interactive TV 

BBH’s DigiHD™ ITV combines entertainment with promotional, informational, and operational modules to drive revenue and increase guest satisfaction. Now, BBH is giving properties the ability to take the ITV platform to the next level with BBH ITV plus DIRECTV AEP combo. The combo includes DIRECTV linear programing, screen casting, free content from apps such as Showtime Hallmark and Netflix, and interactive modules that allow guests to order room service, file maintenance requests, make dining reservations, and more.  

Managing a hotel renovation doesn’t have to be stressful—partner with a vendor who can bundle, manage, and install your technology upgrade. 

BBH’s one-stop-shop approach includes High-Speed Internet and Managed Networks (WIFI and Wired), Low-Voltage Cabling (Fiber and Ethernet), DIRECTV, Phone/PBX/POTS Services, CCTV, Wearable Panic/Safety Solutions, Branded Mobile Apps, and Digital Signage. With BBH, you get streamlined billing, 24/7/365 support, and less stress knowing that we handle the project from start to finish. Don’t let supply chain uncertainty stop you from completing your renovation on time and within budget. Email BBH today